These Companies are world leaders in their respective fields
in terms of product quality
Grooved Fittings & Support System
Gruvlok Fittings and Engineered Pipe Supports
Al Saadeh primarily supply size 2.1/2” above Gruvlok Grooved couplings and fittings including engineered pipe supports system as manufactured by Anvil International, formerly “Grinnell”.
Universally utilized for joining pipe in a wide variety of piping  systems such as  but not limited to, fire protection, chilled water, mining, oil field, water treatment, process and industrial piping, marine, and offshore.  The Gruvlok product line has grown from standard couplings and fittings to today’s extensive range of grooved product, plain-end product, butterfly valves, check valves, pump protection components, pipe preparation tools and various accessories.
Al Saadeh takes pride in representing Anvil International , formerly called Grinnell, as it is known since year 2000. It  is the largest  and most complete line of hangers for widest range of applications from plumbing and mechanical, HCVAC, industrial and fire protection to mining, and oil and gas
Anvil® offers the largest selection of name brand fittings which include Anvil malleable and cast iron fittings, forged steel fittings and unions, universal forged steel Anvilets, Catawissa™ hammer unions and J.B. Smith™ swage nipples and bull plugs. Also included are Beck® welded pipe nipples and couplings along with Anvil seamless pipe nipples. All Anvil pipe fittings are manufactured in accordance with ASME regulations and conform to federal specification
For any suspension  problem in pipe installation.

Size handling pipe from 1/2” through 40”. Standard finishes from black to galvanized. Special finishes on demand
EQUIPMENT FOR GROOVED PIPING SYSTEM   Seismic Sway Bracing for Fire Protection
How grooving machine works  
Meet the latest NFPA and IBC codes and include UL-listed and FM-approved solutions for structural attachments, pipe attachments, and  pipe restraints and accessories.
Roll Groover Assembly   Special Hangers
Hydraulic Roll Groover  features a powerful 15 ton hydraulic ram in a compact, easy to transport unit.

capable of  grooving up to 12" Schedule 10 and 8" Schedule 40

standard wall pipes. Roll Set change out is accomplished in
Used to support piping systems under thermal, seismic and other dynamic load conditions  such  power generation, Petrochemical and industrial processes.  ISO-9001-2008 plant and our two subsidiary locations give us the capacity and processes to service the most demanding requirements
Hole Cutting Tool Support   Strut and Strutt Fittings
A light weight drill press for pipe. This light weight unit mounts on a pipe in seconds.

Clearly the most versatile and user friendly tool on the market.

The Saddle Up Super Tool fits on a 1/2" thru 10" pipe. It is compatible with most electric power drills.
Anvil-Strut offers a complete line of channel, fittings and accessories. Trapeze hangers constructed from channel are NFPA Approved and are a cost-effective way to hang sprinkler piping. Our metal framing strut systems provide unmatched versatility for addressing virtually any support problem, without the need for expensive welding.
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