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Vibration & Noise Control System
Kinetics Noise Control has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing innovative products to control sound and vibration. Established in 1958 as engineers focusing on sound and vibration control, Kinetics pioneered development of pre-compressed, molded fiberglass pad isolators that would be incorporated into an innovative new floor isolation system. Previous trade names of Kinetics Noise Control include Consolidated Kinetics and Peabody Noise Control.

Over fifty years later, Kinetics’ now produces the industry’s largest selection of innovative products to address vibration and noise control, room acoustics, and seismic restraint concerns for almost any building application. Value is added with our experienced staff of engineering and customer support people ready to work with you.
Spring Vibration Isolators   Kinetics
Kinetics spring vibration isolators are used to reduce the transmission of noise, shock, and vibration produced by mechanical, industrial or process equipment into or within a building structure.
Kinetics Model KNC Noise Control Curtains are modular, reinforced limp mass vinyl panels or vinyl and quilted fiberglass composites designed to contain noise or to act as a movable barrier between noisy and quiet areas.
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Vibration Isolation Hangers   Limp Mass Barriers
Kinetics Vibration Isolation Hangers are the solution for noise and vibration reduction into a structure from piping, ductwork and suspended equipment.
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Kinetics   Inertia Base Frames and Structural Steel Bases
KinFlex Flexible Connectors prevent stresses due to expansion and contraction, isolate against the transfer of noise and vibration, and compensate for misalignment.
Kinetics inertia base frames and structural steel bases are designed and engineered for use in supporting mechanical equipment. Typically used with Kinetics vibration isolators for support and isolation of:
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Sound Isolation Floor Systems    
Concrete floating slabs are used where mass is needed to boost low frequency noise reduction. This creates an airspace between a poured non-structural slab and the subfloor below.
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