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Fire Fighting Systems
Valves, Sprinkler Heads, and Switche
Al Saadeh primarily supply all types of UL FM approved  sprinkler heads, valves and switches used in water based  fire fighting system  from  global leading manufacturers. Occasionally, we supply also UL FM approved fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets.
We are able to supply all type of sprinklers for standard applications, storage, special purposes and  we  have kept in stocks substantial quantity of  standard spray sprinklers heads that is usually used for offices, garages, and warehouses.
Designed for use in water spray fixed systems for fire protection applications.  Open orifice design type for use in deluge systems.

Nozzles are external deflector types that discharge a filled cone of water droplets at relatively low velocity.  Spray angles available: 65°, 80°, 95°, 110°, 125°, 140°, 160°, and 180° .  UL/FM Approved.
Upright and Pendent  Sprinklers   High Velocity  Spray Nozzles
All hazard , standard spray, 5 mm or 3mm  bulb, 5.6  or 8.0 K-Factor, 1/2” or 3/4” NPT, Natural brass ,  chrome plated, White Polyester, Lead Coated, Wax Coated, Wax over Lead Coated. It  discharges a hemispherical water spray pattern in the area beneath the sprinkler. UL/FM Approved.                    

Open, directional spray nozzles.  Designed for use in fixed water spray fire protection systems where a high velocity water application is needed, such as the protection of flammable liquids, electrical transformers, circuit breakers, oil-fired boilers and lube oil systems. Available in six different orifice sizes. Produces a solid conical spray pattern. Available in six angle spray patterns.  UL/FM Approved.  
Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers   Mulsifyre Nozzles
Light hazard/Ordinary hazard , 5 mm  or 3mm bulb ,5.6  K-Factor, 1/2”NPT. Designed for installation along a wall or on the side of a beam just beneath a smooth ceiling. Water discharge is directed primarily outward and downward in a quarter spherical pattern. Special deflector on the vertical sidewall sprinkler allows it to be installed in either a pendent or upright position. UL/FM Approved.  
Air aspirating foam-water nozzles, for use with all types of foam (required for Non-AFFF type foams)

Designed for use in water spray fixed systems for fire protection applications where a high velocity water application may be required . Open nozzle for use on deluge systems . UL/FM Approved.  
Concealed Pendent Sprinklers   Foam Water Sprinklers
Light hazard/Ordinary hazard , 5 mm  or 3mm bulb ,5.6  K-Factor, 1/2”NPT.Concealed in an enclosed

escutcheon plate with flat cover for use in those applications where aesthetics is a primary
Air aspirating foam-water nozzles.  3.0 K-factor. 1/2” NPT. Natural bronze. Pendent & upright styles.  UL/FM Approved.

Open nozzle for use in NFPA16 foam sprinkler system.
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