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Fire Fighting Systems



For applications where it is necessary to prevent reverse flow, or where system shut-off or sectional control is desired for closing a fire protection system after operation, or to facilitate testing.

Alarm valve   O.S.Y or NRS  Gate valves
Use in wet pipe (automatic sprinkler) fire protection systems.

Automatically actuates electrically and/or hydraulically operated alarms when there is a steady flow equivalent to the discharge rate for one or more sprinklers.

Valves for applications where the temperature is maintained above freezing such as heated warehouses, factories, hospitals, stores, shopping centers, condominium complexes, and single family residences. UL/FM Approved.
Resilient wedge  gate valves are recommended for long term water flow control service , above ground or below ground, indoors or outdoors. Sizes 2 1⁄2 through 12 in. NPS. 250 psi (1725 kPa) rated working pressure.  Hydrostatically tested at 500 PSIG. NSF 61 certified.  Extruded Bar Stock Stem. Strengthened stainless steel stem for less maintenance. American Made Quality.  Made in Chattanooga, Tennessee plant certified to ISO 9001. UL/FM Approved.
Deluge Valve   OSY Gate valves
Used for applications where piping and sprinklers are subjected to freezing temperatures, such as unheated warehouses, parking garages, store windows, attic spaces, or loading docks.

Water will be applied to the  entire area for protection. They use open sprinklers or spray nozzles attached to a piping system connected to a water supply through the deluge valve. 
Bronze Screwed Ends, Outside Screw & Yoke 200 WOG @ 180 ° Max 100% Pressure Tested Rising Stem, MEA Approval 255-93-E. Recommended for long term water flow control service , above ground, indoors or outdoors. Sizes  1 through 2 inch. American Made Quality. Plant certified to ISO 9001. UL/FM Approved.
Integrated Preaction systems   Swing Check valves
pre-assembled fire protection valve package enclosed within a free-standing cabinet .  The valve package includes the system (manual) shut-off control valve, automatic water control valve, as well as water flow and supervisory switches where system air pressure is required for either supervision or automatic water control valve actuation. An air compressor and associated controls are also provided.  Integral to the Cabinet is a control panel and back-up batteries for providing electrical alarm, supervisory, and trouble functions.

The only remaining electrical connections to complete the system is the electrical connections for power, detection circuits, and alarms. UL/FM Approved.
Can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Rated for use at a maximum pressure of 300 psi for grooved ends, 200 psi for
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