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Fire Fighting Systems
Butterfly valves  


Indicating type valves provide visual indication of whether the valve is open or closed. Suitable for use with grooved pipe couplings that are listed or approved for fire protection service. Rated for use at a maximum pressure of 300 psi (20,7 bar), or 175 psi (12,0 bar) for the 10". UL/FM Approved.
These special items are required for the ideal configuration of  fire protection piping system and in the fire pump room.
Test and Drain Valves   Pressure Reducing valves

This valves provides both the test function and  the express drain function for a wet fire sprinkler system. It complies with the requirements of NFPA-13, NFPA-13R, and NFPA-13D .

Automatically reduce a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower outlet pressure regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure. UL/MEA Approved.
Pressure Gauge with 3-Way Test Valve   Pressure Relief  valves
Used as drain valves, good for frequent operation,  and recommended for throttling applications. UL Approved for fire sprinkler service.
Automatically  relieve excess pressure in fire protection pumping systems. Pilot controlled, it maintains constant system pressure at the pump discharge within very close limits as  demands change. UL/FM Approved.
Angle Hose Valves    Fire pump Flowmeter
Used with a Fire Hose Rack  Assembly, or as a Fire Dept. outlet Connection. UL/FM Approved.
Used to determine the discharge of a fire  pump. Water from the pump is temporarily directed through the flowmeter, then to atmospheric drain or back to the water supply source. These flowmeters are calibrated to measure the fire pump output directly in gal/min (dm3 /min). FM Approved.
Globe valves   Air Release Valve
Used with a Fire Hose Rack  Assembly, or as a Fire Dept. outlet Connection. UL/FM Approved.

Automatic float operated valves designed to release accumulated air which is present in the fire pump or piping system while the system is in operation and under pressure. UL/FM Approved.

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